Caroline Guyon 18 April 2015

The thing which is amazing with that product, is the way the designer found betweend technology and craftmanship. Because even if this speakers are really simple, the history behind it gives you the wanted to have them at home.

Mapu Guaquén, the Sound of the Earth
Salone Satellite


Caroline Guyon Photographer

I travelled a lot in my life and I love to discover new cities and new cultures. I was very surprised about Milan, because even if it’s the center of fashion and design, it does not feel like a typical Italian city. I can’t wait to go to visit the Salone del Mobile because visiting fairs is one of my favorite activity in the professional field. I was waiting to attend Creative Academy for more than one year, and I expect so much from this school. Since I know that they are investing on me, I will do my best to learn as much as possible and became a professional in the luxury world.

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