BISCUIT by Patricia Urquiola
Lorenzo Bernardi Febres-Cordero 19 April 2015

A new reinterpretation of the parquet in a modern way. Patricia Urquiola has designed for Listone Giordano new wood panels that follow the modern flow of fluidity and tenderness. Characterized by curved ends, gives to the composition dynamism without forgetting the roots of the traditional parquet with its classical motifs and antique wooden floors.

via Pontaccio, 8/10






Lorenzo Bernardi Febres-Cordero Reporter

I am 24 years old. I was born in Ecuador, South America but I have lived most of my life in Italy. I was trained as a jewelry designer in Florence and, after my degree, I graduated as a Mint engraver and designer in Rome. This year, I started this great adventure in Creative Academy, an important experience to widen my education and my technical and artistic skills. This opportunity brings me in Milan, such an international city, a melting pot of creativity and culture. I can’t wait to have a direct comparison with the protagonists of Salone del Mobile.

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