Ryo Akiyama 17 April 2015

The young artist interpreted the idea of hidden beauty through the usage of inner-side in order to try to change the habitual perception of people. Experimenting on material research, especially on inner skin of pigs sheep and cows, the artist was able to create unique and beautiful objects.

Design Studio Gutedort

Event : ┬áMaterial Futures – Central Saint Martins

Location : Ventura Lambrate (Arrighi 19)
via Cletto Arrighi, 19



Hidden beauty 0

Hidden beauty 1

Hidden beauty 2

Hidden beauty 3

Ryo Akiyama Photographer

I am from Japan and I studied jewelry design at IED Milano. I am now attending the Master course of Arts in Design and Applied Arts at the Creative Academy in Milan, where I am learning a lot of things related to the luxury industry. After this course will be offered an internship in the Brands of the Richemont Group to the most deserving students. So now I am waiting to see what will happen in the future for me. I must admit that I have the same curiosity also for this coming Salone del Mobile, where I am expecting to see a lot of fresh, exciting and creative design. I am sure I will focus my visit on upcoming designers /brands and innovative materials.

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