Jadwani Vritti 15 April 2015




Nobody&Co are a wonderful example of interactive and innovative home accessories. We love their Boox Box, which is a book shelf integrated with a detachable leather suitcase. And the La Bibliochaise, a beautifully designed couch can fit 5 metres of books, and can be customized in the material and colour you prefer.

Jadwani Vritti Writer & Designer

I am an enthusiastic designer vagabonding around Milan to explore art, fashion and design. Being a part of the Creative Academy has provided me with the quintessential platform to widen my horizon. It has not only given me the fantastic opportunity to be in Milan this year but also a chance to discover the Salone Del Mobile and Expo 2015, which will not fail to surprise me. Milan for me is the perfect blend of conventional people, unconventional design and history.

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