16 April 2015
GESSI premium
This showroom was one of the most amazing one I saw till now. Because you can’t except that behind that little door deep down a street you will find such a big basement. Gessi is a shop for the wellness, and really really really impressive.  
Caroline Guyon
15 April 2015
BAGNI DEL MONDO by Gessi – Milan premium
Gessi Milan: specialized in interior design, lightning and decoration. The installation “Bagni del Mondo” is linked to mix many different cultures of perceiving the living for “the most intimate space of the home”. They are specialized mostly in proposing a wide range of bathtubs, mini spas, hot tubs and sanitary.             […]
Lorenzo Bernardi Febres-Cordero
14 April 2015
Marble, layer by layer premium
In a small garden, in the middle of chairs and benches, stands a beautifull bathtub, maintained by a marble basis, realized layer by layer. Surrounding the middle bathtub we can also find giant and elegant light balls maintained by the same basis architechture, for a perfectly harmonious garden.
Michael Kuoch
Art Director