18 April 2015
BeCandle premium
BeCandle is a brand about a fictional candle experience, about people sharing candle like the way of sharing tea.
Siyao Zhang
Reporter & Photographer
17 April 2015
Six One – Vanko Design premium
Six One is made by Vako Design. This is a collection of candleholders, which will can be customizable thanks to the differents assemblies. In this way, theses candleholders can be equal height or can be vary in height. At Salone Satellite.  
Laetitia Rozè
15 April 2015
LET’S BE TRENDY! premium
We are in a century in which all the product made by hand are very popular. You will have the possibility to access as some unique products made by a work between artisans and designer in the Hands on Design shop in Brera’s area. Using an handmade product today is a strong trend.
Caroline Guyon