19 April 2015
Cabinet of Curiosities by Michiel Poelmann @Lambrate premium
The Cabinet of Curiosities by Michiel Poelmann is a sculptural piece, exhibited in Lambrate. Copper strings are vertically stretched in a steel framework based on two bended legs. In between the strings hollow shaped plates of steel and copper form niches in which one is able to display for example a piece of jewelry or […]
Lubna Driouech
18 April 2015
Perfect Balance premium
The Studio Meike Meijer presents “Balance” lamp using LED. Inspired by tower crane, the object composed in two parts takes life lighting up when you have found the perfect balance. The discret structure is very pure and the copper gives preciosity to the lamp which you can find at Lambrate.
Constance Marraud Des Grottes
Photographer & Writer
17 April 2015
Ambient premium
These ambient is amazing. The light from a thin copper wire with a small LED spot inside, and it is project on the crease metal. Made by the designer Enzo Catellani, the result is wonderful. In Via Tortona.
Laetitia Rozè
16 April 2015
Desktop Collection // Manufactured and crafted in Taiwan. BeyondObject is a design label creating and distributing poetic objects globally. The vision of the brand is to probe the values beyond the physical form itself, creating logical sculptures that servers the daily needs of people.
Giulia Rossetti