18 April 2015
Trending: Cork @ Studio Avni premium
The use of cork seemed to be a growing trend at Salone Satellite. The Samsara Cosmic collection at Studio Avni’s uses  the unique and interesting material to create beautifully geometric lighting products. The cork is formed into a layered shape using the hand lathe. Colored rubber is used as accents to compliment the color of cork, […]
Eunice Park
15 April 2015
If Creative Lab premium
If Creative Lab, born in 2010 by Isabella de Felice (below on the left), Francesca Mesiano (below on the right) and Claudia Legnani,  is a concept store where design, graphic art, paper artist, musicians, tattooist and illustration are mixed together. The key word of this concept store are young, creativity, innovation and made in Italy. Between […]
Lubna Driouech