18 April 2015
When material creates shape premium
This small workshop uses a thermoplastic modeling process to create amazing shapes, thanks to industrial material (PLA in grain) and technique (modeling). Molds are caoutchouc balloons and the modeling process is done at low temperature. The result is different for each product and cannot be reproduce twice; a good way to possess a truely unqiue object. […]
Michael Kuoch
Art Director
16 April 2015
Metal perforated wall partitions#Cassina by Piero Lissoni premium
In many furniture stores there is a massive usage of metal panels for railing or separation between space’s, very industrial and row. For me without a doubt the most beautiful example of that are these petitions by Piero Lissoni made from different types of perforated metal plates combined together to create beautiful 3 m height partitions at […]
Hagai Herrnstadt
Writer & Editor