New material

19 April 2015
Limber Gems: Interior Jewelry premium
Pleunie Buyink has developedĀ a new material she likes to call Limber Gems. As interior jewelry, these pieces are meant to decorate indoor spaces with gem-like light and beauty, whether leaning half on wall and half on floor, solely on the floor or hanging on the wall. Limber Gems shine, catch the light & show different […]
Eunice Park
19 April 2015
Soft Wooden Pouf? premium
Exactly like this! A wooden pouf with leather! I recognize it wasn’t stamped plastic or stamped leather until I touched the surface and it was real wood! Incredible resistant surface and at the same time not too rigid. This beautiful combination is obtained thanks to this super flexible wood, by putting different layer of veneer […]
Lorenzo Bernardi Febres-Cordero
18 April 2015
Food Texture premium
CECILIE Elisabeth Rudolph INTERVIEW Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph experiments food as a material. Food joins the fashion world transforming the raw fish skin on a sensible and an elegant material. The young designer plays on the contrasts of surfaces and offers us a beautiful color palette. You will want to touch!  
Constance Marraud Des Grottes
Photographer & Writer