19 April 2015
Fuorisalone, furnitures but also cars premium
Walking in the streets of Milan during this famous design week 2015 is also a good way to discover latest cars models exposed by certain brands. Among them, Audi, Lamborghini and many more to discover in differents areas of Milan.
Michael Kuoch
Art Director
16 April 2015
Natural – Mechanical fusion premium
Peugeot Onyx chandelier is the perfect example of union between natural and industrial materials. The design is organic, soft but sharp at the same time. To realize it, designer has used Indonesian banana wood and latest 3-D printing technology.
Apoorv Gupta
Graphic Designer
16 April 2015
Piano Peugeot Design Lab for Pleyel premium
A unique experience, with the presence of three pianists and a dynamic light show changing with the sound, it is dedicated to Piano Peugeot Design Lab for Pleyel. This piano is the result of a great collaboration between Peugeot and Pleyel, and in the exposition is surrounded by¬†36 metre squared of more than 5000 plexiglass […]
Lubna Driouech