18 April 2015
Living Pet by Lorenzo Palmeri premium
These pets are made of recycled and recyclable PET bottles, which are turned into a soft yet strong felt material, that is long lasting, UV stabilized and has great sound dampening properties.
Siyao Zhang
Reporter & Photographer
17 April 2015
Murmuration premium
Designed by Graypants, a Dutch design studio. The organic shape is made of recycled cardboard. Inspired by Moa, extinct wingless bird from New Zealand. The installation is inspired from natural phenomenon called murmuration. It was also done to give the Moa a final chance to soar. In Via Tortona.      
Apoorv Gupta
Graphic Designer
17 April 2015
From Pennsylvania to Milan premium
The first time in Emeco’s 70 years history, one of it’s craftsman has made it to Salone Del Mobile. And his innovations are worth all the praise. The chair that grabbed our attention was the “Alfi” it is made of post industrial waste and wood fiber. It’s appealing aesthetics are like a cherry on top […]
Jadwani Vritti
Writer & Designer
15 April 2015
Salvatori premium
  Salvatori has created a compound called Lithoverde that is made up of 99% scrap materials salvaged from the stone and material that is discarded at great cost. This is 100% natural, recycled material that can be worked into beautiful variety of patterns.
Hyuen-Hee Seo
14 April 2015
An amazing design connected to creativity, originality, simplicity and sustainability, were the concepts for developing the ‘Big Snake’ lamp. It is made through the re-using of plastic bottle caps, roll-on deodorant bottle balls provided by the Solid Waste Collectors’ Association of the city of Maceio and led hoses.
Ran Duan
Graphic Designer