19 April 2015
Limber Gems: Interior Jewelry premium
Pleunie Buyink has developedĀ a new material she likes to call Limber Gems. As interior jewelry, these pieces are meant to decorate indoor spaces with gem-like light and beauty, whether leaning half on wall and half on floor, solely on the floor or hanging on the wall. Limber Gems shine, catch the light & show different […]
Eunice Park
19 April 2015
Cabinet of Curiosities by Michiel Poelmann @Lambrate premium
The Cabinet of Curiosities by Michiel Poelmann is a sculptural piece, exhibited in Lambrate. Copper strings are vertically stretched in a steel framework based on two bended legs. In between the strings hollow shaped plates of steel and copper form niches in which one is able to display for example a piece of jewelry or […]
Lubna Driouech
18 April 2015
Food Texture premium
CECILIE Elisabeth Rudolph INTERVIEW Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph experiments food as a material. Food joins the fashion world transforming the raw fish skin on a sensible and an elegant material. The young designer plays on the contrasts of surfaces and offers us a beautiful color palette. You will want to touch!  
Constance Marraud Des Grottes
Photographer & Writer