18 April 2015
Social Knitting premium
At the starting point in Ventura Lambrate area, Netherland social designer Floor Nijdeken is working to bring strangers and visitors together by creating a big table made for communal knitting. When many works are completed, he dreams of having an exhibition to display the pieces in which strangers worked together to create a single masterpiece.
Inyoung Chung
Art Director
17 April 2015
Social Design / In Limbo Embassy premium
Manon Van Hoeckel is a young and very courageous designer.  She is exhibiting in Eat shit in the Eindhoven Lambrate Building. She represents the new way of thinking Design by matching together all disciplines in order to create new way of socializing and new way of interacting with our environment. In Limbo Embassy is a project of social […]
Romain Blot
Writer & Editor