19 April 2015
Architectural Body premium
Architectural Body designed by using their award-winning research, the “Twisted” sculptural stool combines computer design, engineering technology, digital fabrication technology and handmade finishing to create a new form with an elegant geometry. It can be rotated into eleven different positions, and can be used as a side-table, bookshelf or chair. Check it out at Via […]
Hyuen-Hee Seo
17 April 2015
KOTTOK / Multifunctional Unit premium
Displayed at the Tanggam booth at SaloneSatellite, Kottok, designed by Addy Putra Md. Zulkifli, is a box unit with multifunctional use. Removing the top portion reveals a space for storage. A side panel can be slid out to be used as a table & stool. Then there is the white faceted panel, which gives an ambience light. […]
Eunice Park
17 April 2015
Truecolors benches, stools, cabinets and bags premium
Truecolors is a collection of benches, cabinets, stools and bags made by Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard. This beautifull contemporary design is inspired by the industrial PVC cloth. The zip, linking the cushion to the wooden base, represent the identity of the collection and allows an easy replacement of the cushion.
Michael Kuoch
Art Director