Ran Duan 14 April 2015

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This piece of table furniture design is named Catable 2.0, designed by Ruan Hao. Last year, Catable 1.0 was shown in the Milano design week and had attracted great attention. The latest version contains 4 unique pieces of cubic wooden module in exactly the same size. Each one has one or two particular paths for cat to stroll, and the “remainder” space would be used up to people’s own need: you can use them directly as stools, or stack them up to be tea table, short ark or book shelf. You can freely compose your won furniture and create your cat’s own wonderland.

Ran Duan Graphic Designer

I come from China, a country with a fast growing design industry. It is a precious opportunity for me to be here at Creative Academy in Milan, known as the capital of design, to observe and study the advanced experience and technique. Designers and design companies from all over the world gathered together in this creative city, with the latest projects showing their new understanding of this world. To be an open-minded designer, I would like to join them, listening to their stories and telling mine.

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