A Cool Wine Cellar System
Apoorv Gupta 19 April 2015

Vindegarde have made a simple and modern wine cellar system. It uses aluminum support on Mdf board covered with any material according to client such as leather, Carbon-fiber and many more to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Also I notice the trend of neon colors being carried around over here as well.

At Salone Satellite

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Apoorv Gupta Graphic Designer

I believe in pragmatic and minimal design. Being an avid watch lover and follower, I pay enormous attention to details on both form and function of any product. Attending Creative Academy has given me right exposure and countless opportunities to follow my passion: it has been a driver to enhance my creativity! This is my first time in Milan and also at Salone Del Mobile. I have always read about Milan being a design capital so I am looking forward to this amazing experience.

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