Bonded Leather
Apoorv Gupta 19 April 2015

Raw Narratives uses a interesting way to use recycle materials. They use waste leather to make products such as Pencils ,Pen holder , Candle holder among many more. The process is to heat the leather so that it excretes the glue which it has and bonds with the other patches to made into one product.

At Ventura Lambrate.

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Apoorv Gupta Graphic Designer

I believe in pragmatic and minimal design. Being an avid watch lover and follower, I pay enormous attention to details on both form and function of any product. Attending Creative Academy has given me right exposure and countless opportunities to follow my passion: it has been a driver to enhance my creativity! This is my first time in Milan and also at Salone Del Mobile. I have always read about Milan being a design capital so I am looking forward to this amazing experience.

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