Contemporary Room Dividers That Cast Beautiful Shadows
Myles Louis Day 16 April 2015

A range of  plastic room dividers by Humanitype, these CNC machined screens are cut in intricate patterns creating a synaptic forest of shapes and spaces that are both beautiful and mesmerizing. A modular stacking system with the option of sound proof inserts, these products are definitely worth checking out at Ventura Lambrate this week.

IMG_9330 IMG_9331 IMG_9333 IMG_9335 IMG_9386

Myles Louis Day Journalist

I am South African and I am 26 years old. Initially trained in the fine arts, a change in study choice led me to complete an honors degree in industrial design in 2013. Here I was educated about the product development process with projects that included conceptualizing and engineering products fit for manufacture. Product design, design drawing, manufacturing technology, engineering, business, and industrial design history were my majors in this course.

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