Caroline Guyon 15 April 2015

KARTELLKartell is a very famous brand, but it’s still a good surprise when I enter in a shop or in a show room. It’s litterally an explosion of colours, originality and creativity.

Still doing a list of what I absolutely want for my house : Kartell propose a lot of various products, with all the differents colours you can imagine.

Caroline Guyon Photographer

I travelled a lot in my life and I love to discover new cities and new cultures. I was very surprised about Milan, because even if it’s the center of fashion and design, it does not feel like a typical Italian city. I can’t wait to go to visit the Salone del Mobile because visiting fairs is one of my favorite activity in the professional field. I was waiting to attend Creative Academy for more than one year, and I expect so much from this school. Since I know that they are investing on me, I will do my best to learn as much as possible and became a professional in the luxury world.

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