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Jadwani Vritti 18 April 2015

The unique thing about Gio Pagani’s display was the synchronisation and uniformity in his designs. Known to design spaces and lifestyles, Gio Pagani’s introduces an interesting concept of a fusion between fashion and interior design.


I also loved his venetian chandelier with intrinsic details and a pinch of blue adding some drama. It was interesting to witness modern and chic, blue lamps contrasting the chandelier and displaying a union between classic and contemporary styles.






Jadwani Vritti Writer & Designer

I am an enthusiastic designer vagabonding around Milan to explore art, fashion and design. Being a part of the Creative Academy has provided me with the quintessential platform to widen my horizon. It has not only given me the fantastic opportunity to be in Milan this year but also a chance to discover the Salone Del Mobile and Expo 2015, which will not fail to surprise me. Milan for me is the perfect blend of conventional people, unconventional design and history.

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