Hermetic Dialogues by Marina Stanimirovic @Lambrate
Lubna Driouech 19 April 2015

Marina Stanimirovic is French wearable objects designer exploring and experimenting contemporary jewelry. In Lambrate. She presents Hermetic Dialogues, a collection between contrasting materials, volumes and shapes. Inspired by architectures and mechanical objects, she starts exploring industrial materials such as rubber tubing and window seals.

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Lubna Driouech Photographer

I’m 23 years old and I live in Milan. I got a degree in Fashion Design and I would like to work as accessories designer. I’m fascinated by the contrasts of our life that I try to report in my projects as designer. Like every years I expect from Milano, Salone del Mobile and mainly from Fuori Salone an amazing week, a great occasion to know new designers, discover new talents, new ideas and to be influenced by them for my future projects. So I’m looking forward to this incredible experience that is the Design Week.

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