Interview with Junjie Zhang from SOZEN
Siyao Zhang 15 April 2015







SOZEN, founded in 2012 by Junjie Zhang from China Academy of Art, produce a fantastic chair made of steel, which was started to be designed 3 years ago, then after 3 years of modification it finally became what it is now.

Luckily I had the chance to have a pleasant chat with Mr. Zhang.

Q: Could you tell us about your brand SOZEN?

A: Yes. It was founded by my studio three years ago and now we want to bring it to market. And this is the first time for our brand to come to the Design Week in Milan.

Q: And can you tell us more about your product?

A: Sure. We were inspired by the way of woven bamboo in China which is extremely delicate, and we tried to put it into steel. You know that weaving bamboo is not easy but now with steel we are able to produce in large quantities. And during the last few years we modificated the chair to reach its best.

Siyao Zhang Reporter & Photographer

I am improving my knowledge in jewelry, watchmaking and accessories design in Creative Academy in Milan, one of the most influent cities in design area. This is my first time in Italy, and I feel very lucky because in few days I will have the chance to take part to such important design events as the Salone del Mobile and Expo 2015.

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