Lorenzo Bernardi Febres-Cordero 19 April 2015

In the botanical garden, in Brera District, you can see on the sides two large bookcases that contain 700 bottles of perfume realized for this event in 4 different design that are inspired to the old bottles of Lundborg, the american brand established in New York since 1860. The illuminated walls are completely white and make contrast with the black bottles showing all their unique shapes.

In the center of the room a big sculpture made with hanging plants, ampoules, stills, black orchid pots recall the story of the brand and their craft.
via Fratelli Gabba, 10



Lorenzo Bernardi Febres-Cordero Reporter

I am 24 years old. I was born in Ecuador, South America but I have lived most of my life in Italy. I was trained as a jewelry designer in Florence and, after my degree, I graduated as a Mint engraver and designer in Rome. This year, I started this great adventure in Creative Academy, an important experience to widen my education and my technical and artistic skills. This opportunity brings me in Milan, such an international city, a melting pot of creativity and culture. I can’t wait to have a direct comparison with the protagonists of Salone del Mobile.

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