Modern objects design in marble by CLIQUE
Michael Kuoch 18 April 2015

In Via Ventura, Milano, we had the pleasure to discover “CLIQUE Smart Matters” and their new collection 2015 of six design objects.

Using mainly marble, these amazing concepts are modern and use latest technology making it very functionnal.

ASOLA: Table Lamp offering indirect light equipped with an USB port, by Filippo Prostasoni:

Sans titre-1

CHICHERA: Movable USB charging station including a tray, by Filippo Prostasoni:

Sans titre-2

COULISSE: Suspended bluetooth speaker (adjustable in height), by Filippo Prostasoni:

Sans titre-3

DIN: Digital alarm clock on a mutlifunctionnal tray, by Claudio Larcher:

Sans titre-4


This new collection also includes JOY; a charging station for joypad (PS4/XOBX) and APOLLO; a wifi modem and router in a shade of a dome, both by Claudio Larcher.

Michael Kuoch Art Director

I was born in Paris and I live in Switzerland. I did a Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering, major in Ergonomic Design. Luxury design and watches are my passions and from Creative Academy I expect to learn more about the luxury world and the Richemont’s Maisons. Milan is a beautiful city which I hope to discover over these 7 months. During the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, I hope to see and discover innovating design and materials and to meet creative people from all around the world.

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