OVERDRIVE, Creative space where we can be “free to feel free”
Lorenzo Bernardi Febres-Cordero 17 April 2015

A creative space where we find a melting pot of creativity, music, design, crafts.
A courtyard immersed in plants in the middle of Milan welcomes all kind of artists that work and share with others their creative abilities. All these live performances are accompanied with a good selection of music that capture the curiosity of many while drinking a fresh beer or a cocktail.

OFFCINA 14, Via Tortona 14

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Lorenzo Bernardi Febres-Cordero Reporter

I am 24 years old. I was born in Ecuador, South America but I have lived most of my life in Italy. I was trained as a jewelry designer in Florence and, after my degree, I graduated as a Mint engraver and designer in Rome. This year, I started this great adventure in Creative Academy, an important experience to widen my education and my technical and artistic skills. This opportunity brings me in Milan, such an international city, a melting pot of creativity and culture. I can’t wait to have a direct comparison with the protagonists of Salone del Mobile.

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