Plate Extensions . . .
Giulia Rossetti 16 April 2015

Plate Extensions //
by Lena Bauernberger

The inspiration for Plate extensions were traditional Austrian shoulder scarfs as well as exclusive table linen – sometimes they have knotted fringes.
Bauernberger’s desire was to permanently connect ceramic with textile elements, by claiming that they can be used as an object of utility. These dishes are suitable for the presentation of fruit, bread, cakes, cookies and candy.

IMG_7063 IMG_7062IMG_7064

Giulia Rossetti Photographer

I’m 23 years old and I am a jewelry designer. I am curious about what surround me, everything is an inspiration and a starting point for learning new things and to stimulate my imagination. As for Creative Academy, Fuori Salone represents a unique opportunity and experience where different cultures, ideas, minds are blended to express their creativity. I can’t wait to find out the latest news and to be fascinated as in previous years!

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