Christopher Lopes 19 April 2015


This craftsman doesnt only show his final product, but also how it is realized.
The lent colors are obtained by diving them into hot water mixed with natural colored pigments. more the glass stays in the water, more the color is deep.

He can also abtain gradient by putting the lent by parts in different colored water. the possibilities are countless.


Christopher Lopes Photographer

I am 23 years old and I come from Switzerland in Geneva. I studied jewelry making and I am passionate about high jewelry. 
I never had the opportunity to visit the Salone before but I’m sure that this event will allow me to meet and share different design perspectives.
 From Creative Academy I expect to enrich me both in a professional and human point of view. 
For me, Milan is a new city and I am delighted to discover little by little all the opportunities that the city could offer me.

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