Road Pattern Duct Tape: Let Your Kids Design the Highways!
Myles Louis Day 17 April 2015

A joint display by Bajo, Zuzu Toys and Paper Town/ Robert Czajka. A combination of paper automobiles and road-patterned- duct tape is something I wish I had as a kid. Bringing toys to a whole new dimension, your children might be better civil engineers than you thought. See them at Ventura Lambrate this week.

IMG_9463 IMG_9465 IMG_9466 IMG_9468

Myles Louis Day Journalist

I am South African and I am 26 years old. Initially trained in the fine arts, a change in study choice led me to complete an honors degree in industrial design in 2013. Here I was educated about the product development process with projects that included conceptualizing and engineering products fit for manufacture. Product design, design drawing, manufacturing technology, engineering, business, and industrial design history were my majors in this course.

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