Senses Unfold _ Studio WM
Giulia Rossetti 19 April 2015

Wendy Legro & Maarten Collignon are the founders of studio WM

Guided by an intuitive approach towards product experience, with  great respect to details, they create harmony between scent, touch and sight, bringing life to sensorial design.

Studio WM invites you to travel through their sensorial world!

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Giulia Rossetti Photographer

I’m 23 years old and I am a jewelry designer. I am curious about what surround me, everything is an inspiration and a starting point for learning new things and to stimulate my imagination. As for Creative Academy, Fuori Salone represents a unique opportunity and experience where different cultures, ideas, minds are blended to express their creativity. I can’t wait to find out the latest news and to be fascinated as in previous years!

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