Systemised obsolescence
Ryo Akiyama 16 April 2015

Rebecca Cooper aims to create sustainable , biodegradable garments that is cheap,quick turnaround and massproduced garments. She explores the potential of biodegradable thermoplastic polyester as an innovative textile for garments.

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Ryo Akiyama Photographer

I am from Japan and I studied jewelry design at IED Milano. I am now attending the Master course of Arts in Design and Applied Arts at the Creative Academy in Milan, where I am learning a lot of things related to the luxury industry. After this course will be offered an internship in the Brands of the Richemont Group to the most deserving students. So now I am waiting to see what will happen in the future for me. I must admit that I have the same curiosity also for this coming Salone del Mobile, where I am expecting to see a lot of fresh, exciting and creative design. I am sure I will focus my visit on upcoming designers /brands and innovative materials.

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