18 April 2015
Next Big Thing: Nebbia Interactive Light premium
The Nebbia Interactive Light, created by nbt.STUDIO, is a perfect example of reuse & recycling products. Founder & Design Director Henry K.T. Hsiao enthusiastically explained that the light was created out of discarded TV sets, specifically a single TV. It is stripped down to the thin screen sheets, which are formed into a faceted pattern, and the […]
Eunice Park
17 April 2015
Interactive Lighting Design premium
This lighting system can change its shape with an up-down movement and color gradient. In Salone Satellite, Rho Fair Milan
Ran Duan
Graphic Designer
15 April 2015
Nobody&Co premium
    Nobody&Co are a wonderful example of interactive and innovative home accessories. We love their Boox Box, which is a book shelf integrated with a detachable leather suitcase. And the La Bibliochaise, a beautifully designed couch can fit 5 metres of books, and can be customized in the material and colour you prefer.
Jadwani Vritti
Writer & Designer