LibriBianchi – Writing a New Story
Eunice Park 14 April 2015

When first walking into SLOBS Casa, there is a unique ambience about the venue that draws your attention. In every room there are beautiful displays of crafts & products of exceptional quality from Italian artisan-artists. Decorating one of the walls are works of LibriBianchi by Lorenzo Perrone. After speaking to Lorenzo Perrone himself, his vision regarding his collection was clear: as an artist, he rewrites the stories of each of the books by creating something new. Using a technique consisting of glue, water, plaster & acrylic, Mr. Perrone breathes new air into the valueless books that are collected from friends & others. He recreates them, transforming the books into works of art that have a new movement, life, and beauty.

Eunice Park Editor

Hi! I’m a watch designer & avid Hello Kitty fan. Born & raised in the USA, this is the first time living abroad for an extended period of time. I’m excited that Creative Academy has given me the opportunity to experience a new culture & city lifestyle, while furthering my education in the luxury design field. Being that the Fuorisalone & Salone Del Mobile are relatively unfamiliar events for me, I’m thrilled to be able to take part in the Milan Design Week and eager to fill my curiosity regarding all of the events to come.

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